Holz vor der Hütte \ to be well stacked



19 Kommentare zu “Holz vor der Hütte \ to be well stacked

    • I am so sorry, but I can not write English very well, but I try to explain the photo…it is like a German joke, a proverb…the headline „Holz vor der Hütte“is like“wood in front of the shop“…this phrase means in the same time „a great cleavage“ :-). 😉 do you understand?…but you are right..this man had a lot of work…and really he had carried the wood into his Pizzeria 😄

      • Oh that’s a fantastic explanation. Birgit, thanks so much for liking my work. I think you have a excellent eye and apparently a great sense of humor.

    • Nice to meet you! Yes that is a lot of wood….I do not write English very well, but I try to explain the photo…the headline’Holz vor der Hütte‘ means not only ‚wood in front of the cottage’…in the same time it is a German joke, a proverb…it also means like ‚a lot of cleavage’do you understand? 😊
      Have a nice weekend and greetings from Birgit 🙂

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